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A variant of Samsung S10 Plus will have scratch resistance. LOL!

A tipster alert tech bloggers last week that a variant of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will be able to resists scratches. This version rear view will be made from ceramic.

According to the tipster, a ceramic has a special process that is not only scratch resistance but also resistant to falling.”

Aside being resistant to scratch, when the Galaxy S10 Plus fell, it wouldn’t be affected by it. Free from any form of scratch. At such, will you need a case covering for such a device that can avoid scratch?

We already know that Samsung Galaxy S series, especially from S8 and S8 Plus, if I am not mistaken are water resistance. I remember watch a YouTube video of someone dipping the Galaxy S8 into a washing machine and nothing, I mean nothing affect the device.

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The use of ceramic on this particular variant will make it a little weighty than other of the S10 lineup. What particular variant will have this privilege?

The tipster mentioned Galaxy S10 Plus with 12GB of RAM and 1TB of ROM. This particular variant will be retailed for at least $1200. The rear of the S10+ is a mixture of ceramic and metal. If you are asking for the a single difference between the Galaxy S9+ launched last year and that of the upcoming S10+, here you know!

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