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August Updates coming to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook for Android Phones

New updates are expected for Microsoft office on Android and iOS smartphones. Specifically, Microsoft is adding new features to its Word, PowerPoint and outlook mobile applications on Android and iOS operating system. However, for iOS phones only Microsoft Outlook will get updates. The updates are coming this August. If you registered with office insider program, you probably get the updates by NOW.

For Microsoft Word, their is improvement to zooming. You can Zoom your document to fit in the screen. No need to push side ways to read your document. Two new features are coming to PowerPoint. The first one is the ability to add sound and video from your Android phone. The second feature is the ability to zoom with precision. By pinching out you can see what you are reading and editing. You can also flip your phone for Landscape and Portrait orientation.

For Microsoft Outlook you can now make a quick reply to a message and you can view all files you and your work group is working on.

For iOS, Microsoft is adding two features to the Outlook application only. You can now use Microsoft group card to know when your next events are coming up. In addition, iOS users can now block sender of a mail from knowing that you open their emails. You can prevent this by blocking links related to external images.

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