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Don’t Expect the Nokia 7.1 Plus this year. Nokia X7 is Nokia 8.1

For those expecting the Nokia 7.1 Plus this year, you should stop daydreaming, HMD has a change of plan. Following trends you may have expected that the Nokia X7 launched in China last week should be the Nokia 7.1 and rightly so. But this is not the case as Juho Sarvikas, Nokia Product manager has confirmed that the Nokia X7 will be named Nokia 8.1.

When will Nokia 7.1 Plus be launched? It will later on during next year. In February Nokia will be launching the Nokia 9 smartphone which is expected to be its premium mobile gadget during the MWC event, the Nokia 7.1 will no see the day until HMD unveil this flagship. However, you should expect the Nokia 8.1 before the end of this year.

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You may think that this doesn’t make any sense! but, if you re-consider it from a different point of view it is not a bad idea but a father’s view. Why so? There is already a Nokia 7.1 smartphone released this year. Releasing and similar range of product, that is, Nokia 7.1 Plus, doesn’t makes any sense as it will be a bad idea. So, HMD is shifting the Nokia X7 to it upper middle range smartphone-the Nokia 8.1. However, you need to keep your fingers crossed on the Nokia 9 flagship to be launched early next year.

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