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Galaxy Note 10 Plus has less Bezel Reserves than iPhone 11

Galaxy Note 10 Plus has less Bezel Reserves than iPhone 11

A recent photo from a popular tipster,Iceuniverse, will make you fall in love with either the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus or the iPhone 11, as it is proposed name for 2019 iPhone. Samsung is set to launch the Galaxy Note 10 series in August 8 but Apple’s iPhone for 2019 will launch in September. Whatever the case, a bezel comparising was analysed by the tipster.

As you may have noticed from the photo, the Bezels reserves in the Galaxy Note 10+ are very much not visible on the face view of the phone. For the iPhone 11, it is clear there will be a Bezel reserves on the screen. Dispite been a flagship model, the iPhones generations has always included some bezels. In 2017, Apple sorts to bring to an hurt to the huge Bezels reserves on its iPhone smartphone. As a result, it introduces the notch design and a lot of technology companies follow suite in the following year, immitating iPhone’s notch idea.

However, the use of notch did not stop the bezels issues, although, it helps reduces it to the bearest minimum. This year, tipsters are suggesting that iPhone for 2019 will not include the notch technology. But, for the Bezels as shown above, iPhone is yet to work on it. However, this does’nt make the iPhone any less pretty or durable. Comfirming the : “if you cannot beat them then join them.”

Samsung Galaxy Infinity Display

Samsung did not follow the crowd during the notch tech fever advocated in iPhones. However, towards the end of the year, in its developer’s conference in 2018, Samsung alert developers of its plan to use a new display style, the “Infinity display. There was an infinity-o display, infinity-u display and infinity-v display.

This becomes the new standard for most flagship smartphones display technology from 2019. It seems, Apple may use such display as it intends to avoid notch display technology. However, for the Bezels reserves, the aforementioned tipster states the Bezels size and other importance front view specifications for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Front View Specification for Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Bezel size: 1.5mm
Forehead: 2mm
Chin: 3.7 mm
Hole diameter: 4.2mm and
Screen-to-body Ratio: 92.5% leaving

For the iPhone, no Apple inc. has work to do in reducing it Bezel reserves. For Samsung, it plans may be to totally eliminate the reserves.

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