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Geekbench Google Pixel 4 RAM and Android 10 Rumor

Its likely Google is planning on an earlier launch its flagship smartphone. Geekbench a trusted source for smartphone specification shows a few details on the specifications for Pixel 4 smartphone.

The Google Pixel 4 will include a 2GB RAM, a motherboard called Sargo and Android 10. More to this its CPU runs at 1.8GB on 8 core units and may likely use Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset. The single core score was 744 and the multi-core score was put as 3201.

Google’s 2018 premium smartphone uses a 4GB RAM. So, why would there be a reduction in storage size when other competitors are upgrading to a bigger RAM? There is no straight forward answer. I can only have a hunch or more of it.

Tipsters are talking on a possible Google Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3XL Lite. It can be suggested that the Pixel 4 that appears on Geekbench is the same Lite version of it. Especially so as the RAM and the code name for the motherboard is the same with the report from Geekbench and rumors on Pixel 3 Lite.

Another possible hunch is the RAM. A flagship smartphone of this sort shouldn’t have small RAM! So, should therefore be classified as the expected Lite version of Pixel 3. Google most wanted artphone had been known to used 4GB RAM and this should be upgraded in the next flagship as other smartphone makers are going up to half of a Terabyte of RAM.

Geekbench also report an Android 10 os. From this, it can be concluded that Google may be testing on a device with a lower RAM with Android 10 which may be launched in the fourth quarter of this year. If this is true, then, this particular model on Geekbench may not be released to the market.

A fourth hunch may be that Google is planning on a cheaper variant of its Pixel phones for middle income earners. Whatever is the case, we know Google will launched its 2019 Pixel smartphone and it is usually the first smartphone to use the latest Android operating system. More to this, more information will certainly be made available.

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