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Geekbench Report a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2019 with 2GB and Android Pie

A report of Geekbench has revealed a possible Samsung Galaxy Tab with 2GB of RAM and an Android Pie. The smart tablet chipset is the Exynos 7885 with Octa Core processor. The model name is the Samsung SM-T515. So which brand of Samsung Galaxy Tab is this mysterious tablet from Geekbench?

I don’t know for sure. But, Samsung usually launch two models of its smart tablets. The Galaxy Tab S and the Galaxy Tab A. The Tab S is Samsung flagship tablet. Is this the Galaxy Tab S 2019?

The information provided by Geekbench do not meet the specifications of  Galaxy Tab S. The 2018 Galaxy Tab S4 had 6GB of RAM and uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. Also the 2018 Galaxy Tab A uses 3GB of RAM as well as a Qualcomm snapdragon SOC.

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The specifications provided by Geekbench do not revealed which Tab it is. Indeed, this is a misterious smart tablet. Even if it cannot be said as to which Galaxy Tab it is for now, for it to appear at Geekbench means a fish is smelling.

It is possible Samsung is introducing a lower mid range tablet that is more affordable. For now, I don’t know. What ever it is future leaks will confirm the realiy of this misterous Galaxy Tab.

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