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Google I/o developer event is on May 2019

Google, on twitter, tweet a puzzle for people to sort out the date for its 2019 I/o event this morning. A twitter user, Till Kottmann was able to crack the puzzle by using the code in the JSON code snippet. The event date cracked was 7th to 9th of May, 2019.

While the date is of no surprise as last year Google I/o conference was on 7th of May, Google will be bringing to our knowledge its newest software updates, hardwares and the Android Q operating system.

Last year, After the I/o event, Pixel users were given assess to the Android P beta. It is likely Google may apply same this year. Google will also alert us in the new feature in the its Duplex app. It has been rumored that the App will include an AI that will answer calls and book appointment on your behalf, it is referred to as an AI agent.

Duplex and Android Q is not the only software updates that will be featured in the I/o conference. Other Google assistance, Map, Len and News will be among the topic. But the Duplex app and Android Q may be the hot topics. More info may be provided on the Google Pixel 3 Lite. The conference will be held at mountain view, California.

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