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Google new Operating System Fuchsia has a Website

Google new Operating System Fuchsia has a Website

Google new Operating System Fuchsia has a Website

It may interest to you. Although, it is not anything new. Google has worked on a new operating system, named Fuchsia, probably for mobile phones or for computers. However, many experts believed that the new OS is for smartphones.

To burst the claim of a new operating system, Google launched a website for the purpose. The website, has the system documentation for the upcoming OS. For now, Google has left the landing page as static. But may make it more dynamic as time went on.

If you have doubts as to the Fuchsia stuff. Thinking that it may have been created by another technology company. Then, quickly check for confirmation. The ICANN Whois directory shows Google has the rightful owner for the Fuchsia website.

On the webpage, you can find lots of information that assist in understanding of the OS. Developers will find the site more interesting. As a developer, you will need a MacOS/Debian to work on the building environment. Further, instructions are available to test software on the platform.

A developer with Google PixelBook can easily experience the Fuchsia building environment. Rather than creating Fuchsia on Linux Kernel as it is with Chrome OS and Android, Google uses a microkernel, Zircon, formerly Magenta. This new development makes the new OS standout.

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Rumors of the Fuchsia operating system is not new. Building a website for it, confirms it future existence. But, can it compete with iOS from Apple? Will Google allow other phone manufacturers assess to it as in Android? Is it affordable, so as to be installed in a budget smartphone?

Google do not revealed when the Fuchsia operating system will be released. Neither do we expect it to be on Google Pixel when launched later this year. However, having a knowledge of this future OS will help developers and observers.

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