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Huawei launches its first foldable smartphone (Mate X) at MWC2019.

Huawei is up at it game again, this time its coming up with its own version of the foldable concept, first popularised by Samsung. Huawei announced it foldable smartphone today at the MWC2019. The company version of it is more impressive than that of Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Huawei named it the Huawei Mate X. Which happens to be the first generation. The phone can fold in half. When unfold, it is a tablet of 8″ in diagonal, bigger than that of iPad and Samsung Galaxy Fold. When folded its is 6.6″ while that of Samsung is 4.6″ when folded. That’s 2″ bigger than Galaxy fold. Also the rear screen size when folded is 6.38-inches.

The Huawei flexible FullView OLED display lacks notch technology and no punch hole camera. This means no obstruction on video viewing. The thickness of the Huawei Mate X when folded is just 11mm which is thinner than that of Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Another interesting thing to note about the display screen is the variation in resolution. When the phone is unfold, the resolution is 2480 by 2200 pixel. When it is folded the front view resolution is 2480 by 1148 pixels while the rear view resolution is 2480 by 892 pixels. Also the screen to body ratio when unfolded is 8:7.1, when folded the front is 19.5:9 and the back is 25:9 screen to body ratio.

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Huawei really make something different in terms of camera. The Mate X comes with three rear camera and a single front camera. An interesting aspect of the rear camera, is that, the person posing at the camera can see himself or herself while taking a shot.

Huawei claims that its foldable smartphone is the world fastest 5G smartphone. This may be true! Its infrastructure includes the Balong 5000 with Huawei kirin 980 chipset. Huawei said it will release the Mate X foldable phone in the middle of the year. The phone may retail at 2,299 Euro. It will have 8GB RAM and 512GB ROM. Lastly, the 4,500 mAh battery can charge 85 percent in 30 minute due to it supercharge 55W.

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