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Infinix is gearing up for its Zero 6 Flagship Launch

Infinix Nigeria posted on its website its next flagship smartphone, that is, the Infinix Zero 6. Late last year, there was anticipation as to when Infinix will launch this premium phone. However, it ended up that the tech company launches, in its stead, the Infinix Note 5 which is the talk of the town.

Infinix right now is pushing in for the Infinix Zero 6 and its not clear what the specifications are for now. But four things are sure on the make up of the Zero 6 design. One of such is the fact that the smartphone has two rear cameras with AI capacity. I watch the introductory video of the smartphone and its interesting to see what the dual rear cameras can accomplished despite its less expensive pricing when compared to flagship smartphone from big tech company like xiaomi, Samsung and LG.

Another interesting design is the use of notch. This gives another feeling especially if you have been dreaming of using a smartphone with a notch. If so, then infinix has just make that dream comes true with the Zero 6. Well, you should know that Zero 6 is not the first infinix smartphone to use the iPhone X notch design.

The third aspect in the Infinix Zero 6 is the Android 9 Pie package out of the box. However, since the Zero 6 suppose to be launched last year, it is likely to come in with android 8 Oreo, instead. If it is launched wih Android Pie, it means that the flagship will be the first to be packed with a slice of pie. For the chipset, it is inconclusive as to what infinix will go for. Will it be a Qualcomm Snapdragon chips as it is in the Infinix S3X or a Mediatek chipset as it is in most of Infinix smartphones? Moreover, sources believed it will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 Chips.

Well, we will know better at the infinix event for the Zero 6. The date will be made known here immediately Infinix confirmed it. The forth aspect is what infinix market with the Zero 6 gadget. The company is claiming that the phone takes a beautiful and astonishing picture either it is day or night. The phone will have four low light flashlight that will aid brilliant images at night.

This four features are what I picked from the Infinix zero introductory video I watched from YouTube. For now, the price may be around 145,000 Naira. As usual, all the specifications will be highlighted by Infinix when the smartphone becomes available in Nigeria.

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