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Nougat is still the most use Android Operating System in June Report

Google yesterday released a report showing which Android version is mostly used for the month of June. According to the report Android Nougat is still the most use Android operating system. This simply means that majority of persons using Android smartphone are on phones with Android Nougat OS either the 7.0 version or its updated 7.1 version.

Google carries out this research base on the number of phones used to download applications on Google Play Store. As you can see from the photo provided by Google, Nougat top with 30.8 percent followed by Marshmallow, which is at 23.5 percent. The third most used Android OS in June is the latest Android OS, the Android Oreo. This OS has a population of 12.1 percent.

Other lower version operating system have very low percentage which is less than 40. You can also read the previous months report here. Google report shows must persons still uses smartphone that is powered by Android Nougat. I am among those using Android Nougat smartphone, what about you?

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