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YouTube Video from AT&T Confirms specifications of Samsung Galaxy View 2 Tablet Phone

A new video available on YouTube confirms the specifications for a rumored Samsung Galaxy view 2 tablet phone. The tab phone is unique in all ramification. If you watch the video, you may decide to buy the phone right away, even though, it is yet to be released to the consumers’ market.

The Samsung Galaxy View 2 can be use anywhere. It can even serve as your television for the family. With a 17.3 inches display body, the smart tablet is almost a TV in your home. Samsung is getting all out with more technology. Although, it is recalling its foldable smartphone and has halt released of it in China, the Samsung Galaxy View 2 is certainly a major complement. And the YouTube video said it all.

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The available specifications for the Galaxy View 2 are 12,000 mAh battery which is powerful enough to view movies for at least 12 Hrs on such a huge display. The display resolution is up to 1080 pixels. To ensure power in terms of sound, the Samsung’s Dolby Atmos Sound is available to blow your mind away.

Another interesting specifications made clear in the video is the 64GB of internal storage. You can as well buy a maximum of 400GB memory card on it. Samsung Galaxy View 2 uses the normal USB-Type C port. So you don’t have to fear any inconveniences when connecting with your computer.

AT&T is of course a reliable source without gainsaying. It is also confirms that the smart tab will be launch in the United States. However, the released date of the phone is not known for now. However, the YouTube video for the Samsung Galaxy View 2 is worthy of consideration and may be a good reason to buy the tablet phone.

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