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New Concept of Google Pixel 4 Mini revealed more than you think

Google will launch its 2019 flagship in October but before then a lot of rumors that will wet your appetite for the smartphone rumored as the usual ritual now. We have seen the rendering of the Google Pixel 4 and 4XL. Also, information had sprouted for the Pixel 4 Mini but at an early stage.

More likely concept renders for the Pixel 4 had surfaces today and you will really love it. As you can see on the photos on this post. However, while Google plans on launching its latest premium smartphone, it has intact released an upgraded version of its 2018 flagship smartphone during its developer event.

Phone Designer as he is popularly known on social media revealed the above photos for the Google Pixel 4 Mini. The concept renders is base on latest leak. The smartphone will indeed be portable than you may ever imagine. Its screen size at 4.6″ in diameter. You may notice the full screen view with no camera at it. The aspect ratio is likely 21:9 as proclaimed by Phone Designer.

Newcastle Concept of Google Pixel 4 Mini revealed more than you think

At the rear view, the Pixel 4 Mini’s camera module similar to the next iPhone, which has had a lot of leaks recently. As you can also note, the module has two cameras. Of course, as a mini lite version for the Pixel 4, it is likely to come with a lower grade camera when compared with the main flagship.

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The concept render for the Pixel 4 Mini didn’t reveals the front camera. The reason is unknown from my end. For speculation purpose, its probable that there is no rumor on it. Although, we awaits the Pixel 4 launch, remember that this is the first time Google is launching a mini flagship for its Pixel series.

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