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Samsung Galaxy Foldable YouTube video leaked. This is the future of Smartphones

Samsung will be launching a foldable smartphonealong with the Galaxy S10 series in February, 20th this year at Las Vegas, USA. If so, Samsung will therefore be the first technology company to unleashed a foldable smartphone. There are rumors that Apple may also launched a foldable smartphone in 2020.

However, Xiaomi released a teaser video last week revealing how they welcome the foldable smartphone as the future of mobile technology. However, the Korea giant has proof to the leader of smartphone creation and design.

Samsung foldable smartphone has been a talk in the tech world not just from last year. At first, it was taught that it will be named “Galaxy X” but right now the available name is “Galaxy Foldable” or “Galaxy F.” The truth is, the right name for the upcoming Foldable is not known for now. But in 19-days this will becomes clear.

As you can note from the photo and video, phone folds vertically. The fold is quite different from what we are made to know in older rumors. Well, as this is the first foldable smartphone from Samsung, its not necessary to expect anything more or less. Though, I can’t say for certainty if this is how the proposed folding smartphone will look like as the original source has deleted the information. What is sure is the date of the launch, that is, February 20.

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