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This might be Apple’s Foldable smartphone

Apple may launch a foldable smartphone, but, there is no known time frame. Rumors had it that Apple my release this model in 2020. However, I read that Apple has filled for patent of its foldable smartphone. But, how will the phone design like or what name may Apple gives this smartphone?

A concept rendering of Apple foldable revealed a possible design of the phone in question. However, I tried look for the source of the rendering, but couldn’t find it. It possible, the source has deleted it. But an analysis of the design showed the following:

  • The foldable smartphone will use screen flex display
  • It can fold backward.
  • When fold the front camera serves dual purposes. It can be use as both selfie and rear camera.
  • When unfold, the it has two rear cameras.
  • Apple may use the USB type-C port.
  • There is no fingerprint scanner, so, its probably an in-display finger scanner.
  • The screen bring back the bezels which smartphone makers are hoping to omit totally.

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For now, I don’t know what the Apple foldable will really look. But if this photo is legit, it would be an aura worthy of use by iPhone fans. Also, the name Apple may gives this smartphone is unknown. May be it may call it iPhone fold, Apple fold or something else. For now, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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