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Vivo AR Glass revealed on Weibo. And in tandem with Vivo Smartphone

Vivo AR Glass revealed on Weibo. And in tandem with Vivo Smartphone

The Augmented Reality technology may seem quite new. However, so much as been done with it. In most flagship smartphone launched for the past two years AR, as mostly called, had it way into it. A good way to know this, is the AR Emoji. This detects the emotion on your face and brings out similar photo of it in form of Emoji.

Samsung Galaxy S9, Note 9 and Galaxy S10 has this feature. And of course, a lot of other smartphone. The iPhone X introduces AR Emoji and there is also games in flagship smartphone that are AR. Allowing two users to play games together.

AR is also making it way to glasses. Generally, a good AR system is best fitted into a glass. Though, Vivo is not the first to launch an AR Glass, a video from Weibo, China’s social media platform a possibility through an advert video from Vivo.


Vivo AR Glass revealed on Weibo. And in tandem with Vivo Smartphone

You may thing it is not the best AR spectacle, but at least Vivo finds a way to tandem it with its smartphone. Probably as a result of 5G invention as shown in the video. Ben Geskin, was the first to alert us on the Vivo Augmented Reality Glass stated that it’s used for gaming, education, work, watching videos, at work and facial recognition.

The advert video on Weibo reveals this facts. The video revealed a person using it for work, another person wearing it to recognised a girl opposite him and stating her name. A third person wearing the glass use it for gaming, another for reading book and the last person used it to watch a video.

The Vivo AR spectacle uses 3D motion pictures to display every video, games, person and book on the Weibo video. Aside this, Vivo smartphone could charge the battery of the Glass.

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Vivo may likely launch the its AR glass soon. However, Vivo is not the only company planning to launch an Augmented Reality Glasses. Apple is working on a model since 2017. Rumors revealed that it may shipped starting from 2020. The glass will as well be at tandem with iPhones. Its operating system  named rOS meaning Reality Operating System.

For the price of Vivo AR glass, you may suggest a higher price than Snap Spectacle which cost 150 USD. But, Microsoft Hololens worth almost 2000 USD. However, Vivo is known for manufacturing affordable consumer electronics. In similar vein, its AR glass may fall at a price that is affordable to consumers.

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