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What if the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 worth 500,000 Naira

Samsung will be launching its new flagship line up in August, in the Samsung Unpacked event usually hosted in New York, USA. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has received a lot of rumours before this day. In fact, it is clear that the phone will be the first Samsung smartphone to use 4000 mAh battery juice. Also, recent leaks revealed the brilliant colours for the Note 9. The lower variant will have come in purple, brown, blue and black shades, while the higher option will have black and blue colours only.

What if the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 worth 500,000 Naira? If you ask me this question, then, I don’t have any reply. At least me I want value for my money. Yes, it possible. Samsung is increasing the higher variant of the Note 9 to 512 internal storage. To benefit from the higher variant a suggested price of 1,300 dollars is sacrificed. This translate to almost 500,000 Naira. At least for a specified period before Apple released its flagship smartphone.

The lower variant will have internal storage of 128 GB which is the regular size and may be sold for either 1000 or 1030 Dollars. Translations this to Naira, it will be around 360,000 or 370,800 Naira respectively. As it is said, it is best to have value for your money. If you can afford it, why not! Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a premium smartphone and will replace the Galaxy Note 8 released last year. Further Samsung has trimmed the bezel more than the previous model, giving you an exact bezel-free smartphone while maintaining the selfie camera at the chin of the phone.

Not forgetting many other features which will get a better upgrade on the Note 9. With such a value plus the prestige from using a Samsung premium smartphone, I believe spending such cash on the Note 9 worth it.

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