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Promotional Billboard Revealed Huawei Foldable Smartphone (Huawei Mate X)

A leaked promotional billboard photo revealed a that Huawei had join the foldable race. It seems all smartphone manufacturer had accepted this new concept led by Samsung. LG is also pursuing a foldable smartphone. Another company on it is TCL, a Chinese base tech company that has control over Acatel and BlackBerry smartphones.

Samsung launched its foldable concept on 20th of February, and though much expected. The phone is able to bend as a result of the infinity flexible display. Though, foldable has been achieved, it is clear that future model will be better than the 2019 foldable. Apple is also planning a foldable smartphone, but sources are pointing to next year. But this isn’t clear for now. What I know is that Apple has filed for patent on a foldable phone.

The Huawei Foldable smartphone as seen into the image shows that he smartphone is a tablet when it is unfold and a phone when it is unfold. The concept is totally similar to that of Samsung Galaxy Fold. In the promotional Billboard, Huawei claims hat the art phone will be the world’s fastest foldable 5G smartphone. But some critics object to this,probably because of the its processor. Many believe that Huawei Chipset, known as Kirin can not be as efficient as the Qualcomm snapdragon chipset used by Samsung in its 2019 Galaxy Fold.

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It is not clear when the Huawei foldable smartphone will be launched, but it is possible that Huawei will talk more on its foldable concept in Mobile World Congress holding next week in Spain. Also, Huawei may update the concept, so you may not expect to see exactly what’s on he promotional billboard photo.

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