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Samsung 2019 flip smartphone SM-W2019 appeared on Tenaa

Samsung flip smartphone which is exclusively sold in China’s market has surface on Tenaa. The photo showed a 360 degree design of the smartphone. Though all the external features was displayed the phone don’t revealed the international features. However, this year’s SM W2018 Specifications can be used to determined SM-W2019’s.

It is very likely that Samsung may use the Android Oreo operating system and allowed for future OTA update to Android Pie. Also, the smartphone will use this year flagship chipset – the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. However, this is based on last years prediction. It is not clear if Samsung will change these.

The SM-W2019 will use a duo camera and a flashlight at the rear, the USB position for charging, SIM stray and External memory drive positions can be seen from the photo has clearly as it is. The opened view showed that the flip phone will use its own keyboard settings that can be feel and touched.

Last year’s SM-W2018 was launched in November or probably December. Though, the camera size and other features aren’t known yet, as well as the price, it is certain that at launch the features will be fully provided.

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