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Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10E renders in Blue and more other colors

Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Leaked Specifications Sheets get the flagships more Revelant

As the day draws closer to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, the more the specifications and features of the flagship gets clearer and more relevant. A specification sheets from an unknown employee from a Samsung retail outlet revealed is a prove of the above statement.

Now, we are more aware of the future S10’s line up. The information provided on the leaked sheets are quite similar to all the Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors so far except some slight differences. The sheet was sent as an email to a famous smartphone blog and it’s right below on this post.

Instead of using the name of each models of the premium smartphones by Samsung, their codenames was used. The B2 codename, also referred as Beyond 2 is the Galaxy S10 Plus. B1 is the original Galaxy S10 while the Beyond 0 is the S10E lite variant. Although, the photo is blur, you can see notice the specifications for the S10 build-up.

What interest me most on the sheets, is the screen size for each line of S10 series. Other areas of note is the RAM/ROM. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ has a variants with 12GB/1TB. That’s enough to store the world. Look at the specifications and tell me what’s more interesting to you.

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