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Samsung Galaxy S10 series may not include 5G, launching this February

Samsung has already alert its tech fans that it will be launching the Galaxy S10+, S10, S10 Lite this February 20th. But you may be expecting that the smartphones line up should come with a 5G out of the box. If you do, then I am about to spoil your dream.

According a Samsung president Koh, he mentioned in October, 2018 that the 5G devices will be available starting from Match, 2019. But as you can see the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be launched in February, a month before the proposed date when 5G will be available.

He also stated clearly that 5G will be available in another smartphone, the 2019 Samsung flip phone and possible its well talked bending smartphone. The Galaxy Note 10 not get a 5G network as well according to Samsung president.

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What then should will expect on the Galaxy S10 Series 

Though, 5G network will not be on the Galaxy S10 series, other interesting features are as well available. Firstly, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ will be the model with two selfie cameras, while the S10 and S10 Lite will use a single selfie cam. For the S10 a 6.1 inches screen is expected while the S10 Lite should feature a 5.8 inch screen display with no straight body design unlike the S10 and S10+ that will feature curve design at the edges.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 line up will use an Infinity O display, this Samsung way of avoiding the notch design that already clouded flagships smartphones from 2018. There will be a round but tiny bezel on the selfie mounted camera. All series of the S10 will feature three cameras as an upgrade.

A real life feature of the Galaxy S10+ which was posted in Reddit revealed that exactly what Samsung fans are expecting on the flagship. A Reddit comment also shows that the phone is lighter than the Samsung Galaxy S9+ released last year.

Anything well known information to be featured in Samsung Galaxy S10 series is the Android Pie operating system. It will also used Qualcomm Snapdragon 12nm semiconductor flagship chip, that is, the Snapdragon 855. The Super AMOLED display will be very much available on it.

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