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Samsung Gaming Smartphone May be launched Next Year

Information on my sleeves revealed a possible Samsung gaming smartphone. Which may be likely launch next year. Samsung smartphone is known for creativity and performance. Therefore, releasing a gaming smartphone will also has the same feelings.

Samsung is not the first to think of a gaming smartphone. Razer launched a gaming smartphone and laptop late last year. If Samsung succeeded in launching this, it will be the second gaming smartphone I the world. Only if, another tech company has not made theirs already.

BTW,foldable smartphone isn’t named Galaxy X.

— 萌萌的电教 (@MMDDJ_) July 23, 2018

The Samsung Gaming phone is not the Samsung Galaxy X according to the same source. No name has been attached to the smartphone, either has any photo made available yet. There is no price for it. Likely more rumor may come up later on this.

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