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Samsung SPen is more than just a Pencil

Samsung launched its second flagship smartphone on August 9 date. The Galaxy Note9 usually is attached to a digital pencil known as S Pen. This year, Samsung added more features to the stylus. Generally, the S Pen can be use to make drawings on the screen of the Galaxy Note. For example, an architect can use the S Pen to make drawings of a new building. An artist can also use the Pen to make a portrait photo of someone. The S Pen may also be use to control apps in the Samsung Galaxy Note, but only when you touch the phone screen with the pencil.. But the time, the Pen can also serve as a remote control to the Galaxy Note9 for a given distance similar, if not better than a remote control of a TV.
The Samsung S Pen is a remote control to the Galaxy Note9 in the same manner as a TV remote control.

— Android Boss (@phonesnaira) August 11, 2018

The new S Pen has a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) hardware which serve the purpose of controlling the Note9 remotely. Past leaks suggested that the pen may control other supported Android devices. But at the launch of the S Pen on Thursday, Samsung said nothing about the pen controlling other Android Smartphones.

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Samsung S Pen can be used to;

Take a Selfie photo. Without compromising quality of the Photo, the S Pen can be use to snap selfies. However, the user must be within 10 meters away from the phone. This would simply mean that, with the S Pen on my hand, I can keep the phone at a distance (as stated), then take beautiful selfies with a single tap on the S Pen button. Or I can hold the Note9 snap a selfies picture with a friend or love one(s) without the need of reaching out to the screen. This is brilliancy from the tech boss itself, Samsung.

Control the Camera of the Note9. With the S Pen, you can switch within cameras. By double tap of the S Pen button, you can switch from selfie camera to rear camera and from rear camera to selfie camera. This means you can switch cameras without the use of the camera app on the Note9.

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Control the Gallary App. Samsung S Pen can remote control the Gallery app of the Note9. With a single click you can move to the next photo on the app.

Control other Apps. Aside the Galaxy app, the pencil can be use to control other app. Media app is an example of app you can use the S Pen to remotely control. If you’re playing music, you can switch to the next music with a single click of the S Pen.

Use to Switch within Apps. The Stylus can also be use to switch within mobile apps. If you’re on a app you can switch to your favourite app by a long press of the pen’s button. You can also make a custom click for the S Pen on the setting in the Note9. This is really cool! In fact, Samsung should be highly respected for this new feature.

Use by Developers to personalised their Mobile App. The S Pen has its open source SDK for developers. App developers can customise their mobile app to use the Samsung S Pen. Once their app is supported, it could use the S Pen features available, which include, single click, double click and long press. A saving app, like the PiggyBank, can customize their mobile app through the SDK to use S Pen button to remotely save money, view piggy point, and so on.

To conclude, you should know that 40 seconds of charging the battery of the S Pen, will charge the pen fully. With that capacity, you will be able to use the Pen for 30 minutes or for at most 200 clicks.

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