Samsung Mobile has already launched its flagship smartphones for 2018. This includes the Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ and the Note9. For next year, Samsung will be releasing new flagship line up and of course, you will want to know what Samsung has to offer in 2019 flagship smartphones. Dong-Jin Koh, Samsung president revealed things you should expect from the Korea tech company in 2019 mobile phones flagships. Here is what Ice Universe has to say concerning these:

Samsung will Launch a foldable Smartphone. According him, Samsung will launch a foldable Smartphone in …. The year for the launch was not stated, probably, he meant in 2019. However, previous report revealed that, Samsung Foldable smartphone will be launch in 2020. If it is finally launch next year, then it will be a device users will die for.

Samsung Galaxy S and Note flagship will not merge.  There has been rumor of a likely merger of the Galaxy S-flagship and the Note-flagship, however, Koh makes it clear that both gadgets will not be merge in 2019. So, this means that you should expect a Galaxy S10, S10+ and Note10 next year. But the question is, will Samsung still produce flagships smartphones without a notch, or will they move over to iPhone X camp? You know, it is said “if you can’t beat them, join them.”

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Samsung will make available 5G chip in march, 2019. Koh also announced that Samsung will Launch its 5G hardware in March next year. But, the connectivity will only be available to few countries next year. In Africa, MTN promises to launch 5G in 2020, the company is in partnership with Ericson to achieve this new IoT technology. It is very likely, Africa may not use 5G services till that year.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is not the first 5G smartphone. For these, Samsung will not be including 5G to its flagship smartphones in 2019. Probably in the following year or in a different device in 2019. But as for the Galaxy S10, 5G network will not be available. This may be due to internal heat or other reasons. To avoid stories that touch the heart, so, Samsung will not include 5G in S10 line up next year.

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Finally, Samsung will remain at the top of Huawei despite competition. As reported by Ice Universe, DJ Koh confirmed also that despite Huawei competition, Samsung will remain top of it. Huawei has proved that Samsung is its greatest competition in the smartphone world. In the wake of the Samsung Galaxy Note9, Huawei makes a tweet that shows that, its aware of the great competition from Samsung even at it home land China. Huawei showed this when it state the word “real upgrade” thereby claiming that Samsung is not upgrading it smartphone, but maintaining similar features in previous models.

We took a leap when we launched the #HuaweiP20Pro, we’re all about real upgrades that will make a difference everyday like a triple lens camera with 40mp, 5x zoom and much more. Imagine what will come next… pic.twitter.com/AjUS86YHyK

— Huawei Mobile (@HuaweiMobile) August 9, 2018

Now you know! Samsung will be launching Galaxy S10, S10+ and the Note10. Possibly, it may also launch a foldable Smartphone, but its not clear if will be in 2019 for now + you should expect 5G in March 2019 and 5G may not come to Samsung Galaxy S10.

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