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Samsung Acquired Israel’s Camera Company Corephotonics

Samsung has rightly acquires an Israel’s Camera company, Corephotonics. The report was made available yesterday by Android Authority but by then there was no outright purchase. However, today, Samsung finalised the deal and had paid the sum of $155 million for the vertical acquisition.

Corephotonics sued Apple for infringement to its patent right on the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus in 2017. The lawsuit is the ongoing and at this point it means that Samsung will continue to case or probably end it.

It is also known that Oppo has a collaboration with Corephotonics that produces Oppo periscopic camera with 5X zoom ability in 2017. This year, Oppo show case a possible 10X camera zoom which it present in the upcoming MWC event in Barcelona. Samsung acquisition of the firm, means that the Korean tech company will have access to this technology thereby bringing in one of the best camera.

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Despite Oppo partnership with Corephotonics, their camera has not be the best. Samsung is known to have the best camera, aside iPhone, Google Pixels, HTC. Therefore, Samsung purchase of Cerophotonics will bring in better camera with powerful zoom ability that has not been made available in the world. It is still possible for the Chinese tech company, Oppo, to still collaborates with Isrealli camera company.

You should not expect Samsung Galaxy S10 series. But it might be possible for the Note 10 to use a 10X zoom. We will know more about Oppo collaboration with Corephotonics for 10X zoom camera in the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Spain. Also, Samsung purchase of Corephotonics will give the big tech business an egde over other OEMs.

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