Samsung will released a Galaxy S10 Model with 5G

Earlier, I have written that Samsung Galaxy S10 variants (regular and plus edition) will not preinstall a 5G network and I was right. Last year, the President of Samsung DJ Koh , stated it in Samsung Developer event that 5G will be available from Match 2019, but the Galaxy S10 variants are preparing for February 20 launched date.

And as such more tips about the smartphone from tipsters and tech bloggers is shielding more light on it. In addition to the two variants there is a third model and it 5G pre-installed. According to a source, this is Samsung exclusive S10 brand. A name given to the Model is Galaxy S10E. It is likely that the “E” means Edge.

This smartphone variant is Samsung luxury phone. It will be more expensive than the other two variants probably 60 percent higher than both devices. A proposed retail price for it is 1,700 US Dollars. Wooow!!! The S10E will be the smartphone that differentiate boys from men.

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Samsung is putting amazing specifications on this device. It is Samsung first smartphone that will feature a large battery of 5000 mAh capacity. The screen size is something else, 6.7″ smartphone is no joke. The Samsung Galaxy S10E will be released at the end of March supporting the fact that Samsung 5G will be available in that month. Well, February 20 is just a throw stone away.

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