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Six reasons Why you should consider buying the Galaxy Note 9 Now!

Here we go! Samsung has launched the Galaxy Note 9 yesterday with the aim of replacing it with the previous flagship, that is, the Galaxy Note 8. A detail look at the external features may make it look like there is no extensive difference between the Galaxy Note 9, S9+, S9 and the Note 8. The front and rear cameras are the same, the sizes are similar and even the tiny bezels are also similar except that Samsung mount the flashlight below the camera in the Note 9 instead of at beside it.

Also, internally, the battery of 4000 mAh and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 in the Note 9 which is relatively bigger than the 3300 mAh battery and Snapdragon 835 in the Note 8, there seem to be no very important variation. But, a tech expert in Russia dismounted the Note 9 and Note 8 uncover six things that makes the Note 9 more interesting than the Note 8 and this reason should make you consider buying the Galaxy Note 9.  Here is what he found out. 

The Position of the SPen. 

In the Galaxy Note 9 flagship Samsung has made the home for the SPen closer to the camera and also more narrow compared to the Note 8. So, it will be difficult for the Stylus (the SPen) to damage easily when the phone fall to the floor. The tightening of the Note 9 does not mean that removing the digital pencil will be difficult either does it mean that it will be hard to put the Stylus back into its position in the Note 9.

Improve Maintenance for the Charging Connector. 

Unlike in the Galaxy Note 8, the Note 9 charging connector is more easy to maintain. A repairer can replace the charging connector of the Note 9 with ease without damaging the motherboard. This is unlikely for the the Note 8. You much pull out the entire motherboard to remount the charging connector which may cause additional risk of damage to the smartphone.
The easy remover is as a result of how Samsung position the charging connector. In the Galaxy Note 9, the charging connector is fix into the motherboard directly. So, a repairer can easily pull the connector and push it in without breaking the bank.

The USB Type-C connector is less expensive for the Note 9. 

Another important variation for the Galaxy Note 9 is the USB Type-C connector. Replacing this connector in the Note 9 is less expensive, aside from the fact that it can be unmount without stress. This is so, because, Samsung reduced the component hardware for this connector.

Bigger Speaker for the Note 9. 

Samsung expand the size for the Note 9 speaker when compared to the Note 8. This implies that, the Note 9 speaker has better sound effect than the Note 8.

Note 9 Battery is bigger but the body size remain the same as the Note 8. 

As stated earlier, the Note 9 battery is bigger than the Note 8, however, the dimensions remain almost the same. How did Samsung makes this possible? As noted, Samsung reduced the number of components hardware in the Note 9 and also make the home for the Stylus tighter. This extra space is what the Note 9 battery fits in, dispute the wideness and thickness of the 4000 mAh battery for the Note 9.

 A unique cooling system. 

The cooling circuit for the Note 9 is totally unique compare to the Galaxy S9+, S9 and the Note 8. The previous models’ cooling components are copper tube which is used by most premium smartphones. For the Note 9, a notebook style cooling system is used. A complete copper plate is installed as the cooling system for the Note 9. The benefit is that even when the phone is stress out, the user may not notice it, as the cooling system will have reduced the hottest of the phone.

Samsung really made a significant but unnoticeable improvement on the Note 9. This time critics will not really have anything to say on the Flagship. With less expensive components hardware, the Galaxy Note 9 is more cheaper to maintain than the Galaxy S9+, S9 and the Note 8.

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