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Tenaa showcase Huawei P30 device design

China Telecom authority had showcase Huawei P30 device design. The photos it showcased is in agreement to previous leaks which differ only in camera build up. Aside this, there is also a rumor price for the phone and Huawei has confirmed the launch date for the P30 series in a promotional video.

From Tenaa, the P30 Lite will be a three camera smartphone. The images however is quite different from href=””> a previous render. So, it’s likely that the image from Tenaa may be the right one. But, I can’t tell untill launched date.

Huawei P30 Lite will use Kirin 710 chipset. It was rumored that it will cost 120,000 Naira or less. Since it is the lower version of the P30 series then the price is not surprising. The P30 Pro will be a four camera manifest. The front camera on its part had 24MP resolution. It may be on the U-notch display.


The 6″ smartphone may use a IPS LCD display. Quite okay! One funny thing is the pixel density for the screen which is 419 PPI. In Nigeria, 419 are persons who engage in fraud with the intent of stealing peoples money. Resolution for the screen leaked is 1080 by 2480 pixels. The confirmed launched date is March 26 this year.

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