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The Future! This is how 2023 iPhone is modelled

We are yet to know the 2020 iPhone but the top leakster, Ben Geskin, for iPhones provides an image of the 2023 iPhone model, that is, five years from now. As you can see from the model, the 2023 iPhone will not includes any bezels and iPhone may totally dismantle the notch technology.

There is no bezels or notch left for the 2023 iPhone. The introduction of notch was to provide a space for the selfie camera, micro speaker and proximity sensor. You will notice, however, a open hole camera placed on the screen of it.

Ice Universe, said the iPhone has the thinnest of chin of all flagship smartphones. He compared the chin of iPhone XS and that of Huawei Mate 20; and concluded that Huawei Mate 20 series’ chin surpasses the iPhone XS’. It is on the chin that the iPhone’s micro speaker will be located.

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Improvement is not coming only to the hardware components, but also the software. 2023 iPhone will include a long awaited gaming software GTA V meaning Grand Theft Auto 5. This gaming software don’t works with Android nor iOS gadgets.

The game software is available to PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Microsoft windows. It was developed by Rockstar North for Rockstar games.

So far, in 2023, you should expect;

1. Total elimination of screen bezels
2. Open hole selfie camera
3. Small chin in which the micro speaker is mounted
4. Software upgrade to include Grand Thief Auto 5 

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