A Proposed CAD rendering of LG G8 Flagship may is false after all

 A top smartphone tipster, known as onleaks posted in the earlier hour of today a CAD rendering of a proposed LG G8 which it called the LG alpha. The phone is no different with the LG v40 smartphone, launching this week.

 However, a top tech blog reported a contrary opinion and suggested that the tip from Onleaks is wrong. And this has shield a lot of controversy and conversion on twitter today.

 According to the Droidlife, it believed that the phone isn’t the LG G8 as the smartphone is LG highest flagship gadget. The tech blog mentioned reasonable information that shows categorically that the proposed LG G8 from Onleaks may be false anyway.

 The leaks features externally is no different from that of the LG G7 and the V40. The only difference between it and V40 is the triple camera on it. The phone features are old model, no latest tech feature on it. There is no proof on in display fingerprint nor any modern display at that. Even the hole punch display that is popularised by Samsung and also been in use by Huawei cannot be found on the smartphone.

Also, another report shows that LG will launch a flagship smartphone with a second screen but this CAD rendering do not reveal any of such. Come to think of it, if this is the LG G8, LG flagship smartphone! Who will buy it? The Head of LG Electronics’ global corporate communications, Ken Hong, replied to the on going conversion and says that the rendering is only a speculation and not the real G8 we should expect.

The claim you make in your “leak” is wrong. It’s as simple as that. https://t.co/dtIMRe565z

— Ken Hong (@visitken) January 18, 2019

When asked by Onleaks if his rendering of the G8 “never see the light as a marketed product” ken said the “claim is wrong.” However, Ken Hong agrees to a tweet that the phone will have. a notch but the user may decide to disable it in settings.

Whatever the case, we know that LG will launch the G8 series in the MWC event that will be held in a month time. Further, as time elb away more rumors closed to the real LG G8 smartphone will be clearly made known to us.


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