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Nokia 9 Pureview and others to be launched in MWC2019

Nokia 9 Pureview and others to be launched in MWC2019

Nokia 9 Pureview to launch in MWC2019

Nokia officially confirmed the date it will launched the Nokia 9 smartphone. Its not just Nokia 9 it plans to launch on the official date. It my also launch the Nokia 8.1 Plus and other Nokia electronic products. The date of the launch is 24th February, 2019. This coincide with he date for Mobile World Congress, so, it can be concluded that the Nokia 9 and other will be launch on the congress.

The Nokia 9 Pureview has an interesting five camera buildup also referred as the penta-camera system position as if it can rotate. It was rumored that the smartphone battery is 4150 mAh with fast charging ability. Nokia do not include notch technology either did it find a way of making the Pureview a full screen smartphone. A ratio of 18:9 screen to body is expected.

Though, it will be scripted with Android 9 Pie, it will not use Qualcomm latest flagship chipset. It will actually utilised the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 instead of 855. But this shouldn’t scare you. The Nokia 8 flagship uses 835 SoC as well. HMD Global will informed us more on the smartphone when it is finally launched.

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