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Xiaomi has the perfect solution to the notch challenge with its upcoming flagship, Mi Mix 3

The issue of making a smartphone 100 percent rectangle started last year. It all begins with the Essential smartphone launched in 2017 and next the iPhone X on the same year. The Essential smartphone narrowed its bezel then introduced water drop notch. The notch allows for the camera to be well positioned on the front view but it doesn’t makes the phone 100 percent rectangular.

iPhone X came up with a different notch style which helps keep the camera on the front. Because, it is a product from Apple, a lot of tech company copied its notch design, except Samsung, LG, Motorola and the Pixel 3. Huawei P30 launched early in 2018 has the iPhone X notch design but finds a way to blackout the notch. Users of the P30 series that didn’t like notch in their smartphone could in the settings app black out the notch and makes it a full screen but this doesn’t makes the smartphone 100 percent rectangular.

In the late 2018, Vivo and Oppo came up with a solution. Vivo came up with something different and almost a perfect solution to the notch issue, that is, the elevating selfie camera. But this may not have provided the best solution as the motors that push the camera up may worn out.

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Oppo Find X also provided a solution to this almighty issue. For this smartphone a jack is made at the top of the phone which can be push up by the user to shot a photo with the front camera. But this also isn’t the perfect solution. Xiaomi flagship smartphone however is provided the best 2018 solution for a smartphone to be rectangular.

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This time it is a sliding Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 smartphone. This seem perfect to me as you can notice from the first photo above. By a simple slide, you bring out the two selfie cameras and take a selfie with it without stress. The sliding feature reminds me of smartphones of those days with sliding capabilty. Selfie stick will work perfectly with the Mi Mix 3 flagship. As if that is not enough, the 24MP cameras also have a selfie flashlight positioned on the same line.   

Do you think the Vivo V30 or the Oppo Find X have the best solution to the notch technology challenge?  

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