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Xiaomi will launch its Flagship Smartphone Mi 9 the same date with Samsung and this brings some questions to mind

Xiaomi has confirmed its plan to launched its first flagship smartphone exactly the same date Samsung will launch its first premium phones. The date, 20th February in China. However, Samsung location is San Francisco, California and London. Samsung flagship smartphones were has been talked on so much. But that of Xiaomi’s is just getting traction.

But more photos have been displayed that shows the various parts of the Xiaomi Mi 9. For the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup we know almost everything with just a few details left for Samsung to tell us, such as the upgrade to its Bixby button and more on its fingerprint reader which is expected to be positioned at the corner of the phone.

Well, the two images available for the Xiaomi Mi 9, you will noticed that a glassy rear surface that may show your face as a mirror. Even the Mi logo is blur in it. Another important feature at the rear view is the three cameras vertically mounted along with the flashlight.

The other photo shows the front view with waterdrop notch above the screen where the camera is laid. The front view according to many fans does not display any new feature especially punch hole camera that has been the talk of the town of smartphone tech since November, 2018. Most especially that it is a flagship smartphone. Other fans don’t really care, what they want is a cheaper flagship smartphone and a big battery.

Moving away from the features is the argument for or against Xiaomi launching its smartphone on the same date with Samsung. Though, a tipster, already predict this and even said Vivo will launch its flagship smartphone on that same date, but vivo hasn’t make any move that support it.

But for Xiaomi, can it be said that the company is throwing its blows on Samsung? Xiaomi had reported that its sub brand, Redmi Note 7 makes one million sales. Is this why Xiaomi has the guts to put its launched date on the same date? In 2017, Samsung has to move he date of the Launch of its Galaxy Note 8 so as to allow Apple to launched the iPhone X and iPhone 8. But this is different, it is certain Samsung will not shift launch date for Xiaomi.

In addition, Xiaomi may be trying an experiment to see if it can make huge sale as a result. The price of the Xiaomi Mi 9 may be sold around 190,000 Naira in Nigeria when it’s released tot he market. For now, what do you think about Xiaomi planned launch on the same date with Samsung?

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