LG may end the LG G and LG V series for its new LG Velvet


LG recently announced its plan to use a non-alphanumeric name for its smartphone. And as a result, it is planning to launch a new smartphone line-up it calls the LG Velvet.

In the announcement, LG makes it clear that it’s working on a new marketing strategy based on a design that is totally differential from whatever is attainable in the mobile world. The South Korea tech company believes that it will achieve its new philosophy with the brand name LG Velvet. The Velvet smartphone may become LG premium phone. This brings in the big question. Will LG stop the production of the LG G and LG V series smartphone?


The current announcement doesn’t make it clear. But, if this is a new strategy, it is likely probable that LG may stop the production of its previous premium line up. This will definitely bring an end to an old era and a release of a new one in LG mobile consumer technology. But, we don’t know that for sure.

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In the news report, LG mentioned that the new Velvet smartphone will be using Raindrop selfie camera as opposed to waterdrop type. It also claimed that the name Velvet is a combination of “lustrous smoothness and premium softness.”

We can say for sure what LG means by the statement above till launch date. But a leaked image as you may have seen above believed that’s what LG meant by smoothness and softness. However, the photo which was provided by Gadget boy through its Twitter post does not indicate a Raindrop selfie camera.

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We don’t really know how LG intends to achieve its marketing strategy with a new design. But time will reveal how things will fly when the phone is finally available to the market. And of course, the Velvet smartphone will definitely be less expensive when compared with other premiere smartphones.

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