Yahoo Finance reported that Apple stock had finally hit one Trillion Dollars. The tech company was able to reach this new figure when it stocks was sold for 207.42 Dollars instead of the predicted 207.05 Dollars. This occurs on Thursday, August 2, 2018. Apple becomes the first US base company whose market capitalization worth a Trillion Dollars.

Analyst has earlier predicted that Amazon stocks will be the first to reach a Trillion market capitalization. But this takes a new turn as they watch Apple taking this position. At the earlier hours of the day, Apple stock fluctuates between 998 and 999.9 Dollars. Within hours the stock hits 1.002 Trillion. Tim Cook, Apple cofounder will be like: OMG, let me untie my suite, my biz finally hit 1 Trillion Dollars.

Apple issued its first Initial Public Offer in December 12, 1980. Then, if you have brought 1000 units of shares of Apple inc. Your shares will worth 8.9 million Dollars. That is, more than 37 years. What a worthy investment! Google, Apple’s greatest competitor, in the US, has its shares worth 947 Billion Dollars. Can Google ever meets Apple’s One Trillion Market Share in two years?

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