Fortnite game, a game played mostly on Play Station 4, is coming to Android smartphones soon, however, you can not download it from Google Play store yet. But you can still get hold of the game on Android phones as soon as it is available to Android without the Play Store. Though, no date has been stated on when Fortnite will come to Android OS but an invitation to sign up for the game from Epic website to download the beta program for the game. 

After signing up, you can join the beta program by pre-installing the game from Epic website. Then, you must wait for an email to be sent to you before you can start playing the game. The next task after this is to stop the permission you allowed when installing the game, then boom! You can start playing the Fortnite game.
An Android Analyst stated that the best Android Phone to play the Fortnite game is from a Razer phone or a Galaxy Note9, S9+ and S9. However, the game is coming to all Android phone. The complexity of the game may make it impossible for you to enjoy he game in certain Android smartphones. So, most flagship smartphone may be able to play the game.
Further, the lack of inability to download the game from Play Store poss a potential security risk to your smartphones. However, Fortnite team claim they are aware of this risk. In future, the game may be made available on the Play Store.
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