Apple’s one Trillion Dollar market value has been highly welcome by so many persons including finance analyst. However, these guy, Ralph Nader is on the opposite direction. Nader early this year criticized Apple of buying back shares of investors. This time, he is giving Apple a suggestion. In a media talk with NPR, Nader point out that Apple CEO should use the capital gains from the increased stock market value for its employees. He taught of increment in wages and salaries as well as pension.

Speaking more on the issue, Nader said that Apple should use the excess fund to increase dividend of investors, involve in more on research and development and seek for methods to improve recycle of old iPhones.

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Apple when launching its iPhone promises to sell affordable smartphones but ended up selling luxury, only for the rich class. This year, however, the company plans to launch affordable iPhones as rumors have it. Nader agreed that he doesn’t use iPhone or Mac but the pressure faced by Apple staffs especially in China are not comparable to he wage rate, he said such amount is not “a living wage.”

Though, Ralph Nader last criticism of Apple, on buying back stocks of shareholders, was not taken serious by the public, it is likely that similar trend may ensure this time.

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