I heard somewhere that Smartphones cameras are getting smarter than cameras themselves, but Huawei Egypt is doing just the opposite. The Egypt branch of Huawei makes a mockery of itself by posting a photo advert depicting that a picture was taken by Huawei Nova 3i. However, the company was caught on it and records shows that the photo wasn’t taken with the smartphone the tech company claimed it to be.

Although, already caught, to avoid the guilt, Huawei claimed that the photo was shot from the Huawei P9. When the EXIF record of the photo was researched, it was discovered that the Photo was taken by a camera gadget known as Canon.

The original photo reveal that the man in the photo do not hold any camera when the picture was taken. However, Huawei Egypt faked it to look like the man holds a Nova 3i while taking selfie with the lady in the photo. A visit to the original photo shows that another camera was used to snap with the camera man and the models. Now, the big question is, which camera does the snapping of the camera man along with the duo?

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Huawei would have use the actual Nova 3i to take the photo which might have provided almost the same photo quality with the Canon used in this photo. This may have safe cost and protect their goodwill.

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