The i-Life Spark 4 (SM407) smartphone is a small smartphone that’s under low price range. The phone uses a Android pack of 2.3 operating system. It has an FM radio, so it is perfect for such activity (refer to should you buy i-Life Spark 4 below). The battery capacity is quite small, so, you can only use it for minor activity like making calla, sending text and lite browsing. Here are the key specifications

Key Specifications of i-Life Spark 4

Color Black
Dimension 115.3 by 62 by 11.5 (mm)
Weigh 134 gram
Resolution of 320 by 480 pixels.
Screen size 4.0”
Front Camera 0.3MP
Rear Camera 2MP
Battery Size 1850 mAh (4hrs of battery life)
Operating System Android 2.3
AI Not Available
System on Chips Mediatek
CPU Single core processor clocked at 1.0 GHz
GPU Not Available
RAM 256 MB
ROM 512 MB
External storage Up to 32GB
Connectivity USB 2.0, Earphone, dual dual sims, Bluetooth and WiFi.
Network 2G/GSM
Sensor Not Available
Security Password
Location Not Available

The Outside View of the i-Life Spark 4

The outside view of this smartphone is worth talking about. The screen size is just 4 inch with very huge bezels. Well, you should expect this, since the smartphone is no new phone, even though, i-Life still put it on sale at their Instagram page and their website. The front view also depicts a single camera of 0.3 MP with a micro speaker at its left side.

At the rear, the 2MP camera and its flashlight can be seen right below the camera. There is no feature at the lefthand corner, however, the right hand corner is were you will find the volume button and the power and sleep button. The Earpiece port is also located at the top of this smartphone phone.

The Inside View of the i-Life Spark 4

The is internal view starts with the battery of 1850 mAh which can last in 4 hours on phone calls. The dual standby Sims space is also located at the inside view. Also, the processor and memory can be found in the Spark 4. The phone uses a Mediatek processor with single CPU clocked at 1.0 mAh.

Connection and Network of i-Life Spark 4

With dual standby Sims you can connect two wireless carrier. Also, Bluetooth, WiFi and earpiece connections are available. I-Life Spark 4 also use USB. The highest network available for this device is 2G. So, don’t expect mush from it in stuffing the internet.

Should you Buy the i-Life Spark 4

If you ask me, I will say yes. Though, it has a old version of operating system. The device do not cost much. You can supplement feature phones for it. i-Life Spark 4 has an FM radio. If you really need to listen to news or entertain yourself you can easily do this. More so, the smartphone can still use up to 32GB external memory space. That’s enough for more than 300 music audio to play at your convenience.

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