Oppo may be trying to copy China’s big bro tech company, Huawei in terms of camera. A promotional material leaked earlier, revealed that the Oppo R17 and R17 Pro may be launched with three cameras. The promotional material was gotten from a reliable source, however, the credibility is not certain. But if the promotional material is exactly what Oppo has in mind, then Oppo fans should be expecting three cameras at the rear of the R17 and R17 Pro.

Oppo is known for producing quality smartphones at cheaper retail price compare to big brother tech companies. For example, the Huawei P20 launched very early this year has three rear cameras but its not for middle income earners. If Oppo succeeded in launching a three digit rear camera, as I will call it, then, the company will be giving privileges to middle income earners to use a three rear camera smartphone.

Previous rumor suggested that the front view will have a V-Shape notch similar to Essential Phone. Haven’t said these, the rear cameras sizes are yet to be known but the selfies camera was reported to be 25MP Sony IMX576. Further, an in-display fingerprint scanner on the front view is expected for the Oppo R17 and R17 Pro. Also, both smartphones are alleged to use 3D facial recognition as part of its security feature.

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As stated on here both phones will be an Android 8.1 software powered smartphones, however, they will use a different RAM. A source believed that the Oppo R17 Pro will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 while the default Oppo R17 hardcore engine will be Snapdragon 710. But, this personally, I’m not sure of. Also, the same source showed that the Oppo R17 Pro will be 10GB RAM while the other variant will be 8GB of RAM. The battery size for the Oppo R17 and R17 Pro are 3415 mAh.

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