LG is coming into the electronic computer market with new feature that can perform magic with the three rear cameras. Though, this is no magic to the White, but for me, it is!

Tipsters who have access to this premium smartphone before it will be launch tomorrow stated that LG V40 ThinQ can take a cinemagraphs. With this feature, the phone can take a still photo and allows one or more objects to move using Cine Shot feature which is available on the three cameras.

Though, LG is not the first to make such a smartphone, according to Android Authority, it may be the first tech company to make this feature more popular. During the fall of Nokia, the Windows Phone 7 Lumia could take Cinemagraphs. Also, last year Motorola flagship Motto Z3 could do same, but this wasn’t famous.

After taking a photo with the Cine shot, the user may decide to animated it via GIF. Cinemagraphy is used by video editors to make an object still while other object are allowed to move. Cinemagraph is common in movies. You may have noticed in many movies that an object may be put on motion while other object(s) may remain still. However, the process of creating it is not an easy one. However, LG is making this easy on its smartphone.

LG is launching the V40 ThinQ tomorrow, so you will know all the features of this phone soon from this blog. For now, I am also aware of a battery size of 3,300 mAh. Plus the fact that it will has in addition to the three rear camera a dual selfie cameras which makes LG the second tech company to use tree rear cameras. For the photos, a phone gossip provider Evan Blass provides it and revealed a notch design and five cameras.

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