OnePlus 7 rumor revealed a sliding feature and ofcourse non bezels

A new photo probably a Photoshop of the OnePlus 7, that is, OnePlus 2019 flagship smartphone revealed nothing but a sliding feature. The sliding is made for the flagship to possed its camera. As you can see, the 7th OnePlus has no front camera, unlike its counterpart the OnePlus 6 which is at your right side.

There is no much information on the OnePlus 7. However, following how the 6th OnePlus was launched it is likely that it will be lunched in May or possibly earlier in April.

What I can Guess about the OnePlus 7

Though, the specifications of the OnePlus 7 is not known, it is possible to suggest that it will use an Android pie as this is the latest operating system. OnePlus uses Qualcomm Snapdragon, so the Snapdragon 855 may be the chipset for this upcoming flagship.

Compare with other flagship smartphone, OnePlus is the cheapest, so expect a cheaper OnePlus 7. You should also expect three rear camera as this is what is trending on most premium smartphones. For now, all you can do is keep in expectation as more leaks will be up soon. 

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