A reliable source has claimed that the Samsung SPen will work with other smartphones. Samsung is set to launched its second half-year flagship smartphone today, August 9 and unleashed the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as well as other devices in New York City, USA. The SPen will be available in different colors for various variants of the flagship smartphone. The two colors made available by the credible source revealed two of the Samsung digital pen-SPen.

Surprisingly, the yellow color is expected to go with the blue color Galaxy Note 9 while the purple variant should go with Lilac purple color Note 9. The SPen will only be compatible with Smartphones that is in compliance with Android operating system. So, for now its not clear which specific Android phones will get access to the digital pen.

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Two interesting features of the Samsung SPen is the attached remote control and ability to charge the pen separately, possibly with a wireless charger. The SPen will use a remote control to probably have access to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The SPen if charged 40 seconds will give the user 30 minutes of continuous usage or 200 times clicking of the button in the SPen.

Further, as the launch day arrived, a live image of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was made public on social media. The image proves that the Note 9 may comes in four variants, Red, Blue, Black and Purple. The person who made the image public said that he prefer the black color of the Note 9, followed by the blue and red variants, respectively. For now, let’s keep our eyes and ears opened as Samsung unveiled this very important device for this year.

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