A video was recently posted on YouTube showing live images of the Xiaomi PocoPhone F1. If such a live video exist and if it’s true then, you should expect a new Xiaomi smartphone not later than September, if not this August. The video shows an unboxing of the PocoPhone F1 on a black box. The unboxing of the smartphone shows a user manual, the PocoPhone F1 itself, Back cover, charger, USB Type-C and Sim Eject to remove the Sim tray from the right edge.

Many persons said the name giving to the smartphone is disgusting, especially in certain part of Europe. In Spain, the name PocoPhone means “Somewhat of a phone.” Which may be said to be “it’s not fully a phone,” but looks like one. Whatever the name is, or whatever inspiration that leads to that name is not important right now. The fact is that the Xiaomi promises that the PocoPhone F1 will be an affordable flagship smartphone. The stated price tag for it right now is at least 300 US Dollars that makes it most affordable flagship smartphone. Since, most flagship smartphones price start from at least 500 US Dollars.

From the unboxing of the phone, it is clear that a dual camera will be at the rear while a single camera will be at the front view. Other basic specifications of the PocoPhone F1 has already been stated. But the big question is when will Xiaomi launch this smartphone?

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